Goodbye Pittsburgh

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2015 is the year that I’m going to be great at goodbyes. You see, I have to be great at goodbyes. After nearly 36 years of calling Pittsburgh home, I’m following my husband to Baltimore at the end of the month.

I’ve lived here all of my life (except for 9 months when I lived in Philly but my friend, Catherine, says it doesn’t count unless it’s at least a year and she’s really wise so I’m inclined to believe her).

Packing has not been easy. We’ve been on the cusp of the move for months and have had to keep it quiet (not my strong suit). In the meantime, I’ve been donating and gifting my possessions as quietly as I could. We’ve downsized in major ways. Our goal is to head to Baltimore at the end of the month in one used red Ford Focus, with a few bags, our rescued cat, and us. (Technically, Paul will go early to start his new job and I will follow after teaching all of my yoga classes this month and we’ll get our cat from my parents after we’ve found a place to live. Details.)

I’m so lucky that I have been able to call Pittsburgh home. I’m inspired by people who are passionate, real, and hard working – this city is full of those people. My parents still live here in West Mifflin and Pittsburgh will truly always be home.

We’re really excited to explore a city we don’t know! I can’t wait to check out the yoga and art scene in Baltimore. I’ll finally write that book that I’ve been talking about for years. Crabs and beer for dinner? Don’t mind if we do!

I’ll be back to visit though! I’m co-leading yoga retreats and workshops out of Pittsburgh that are already scheduled for this Spring. Like I said, Pittsburgh will always be home.

So I have a month to get great at goodbyes. I’ll be teaching the rest of the month while we continue to pack and visit with as many friends as possible. Come and get great at goodbyes with me. No promises though. I’m going to cry. I’m a crier. I might make you cry. It’s fine.

Final Pittsburgh Classes Here

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Come practice yoga with LA before she leaves for Baltimore.
All classes are at South Hills Power Yoga.

Tuesday January 13th, 5:45 PM – Dormont
Wednesday January 14, 6PM and 7:30PM – Peters
Tuesday January 20th, 5:45PM – Dormont
Wednesday January 21st, 9:30AM – Dormont & 6 and 7:30PM – Peters
Tuesday January 27th 5:45PM – Dormont
Wednesday January 28th, 9:30AM Dormont & 6 and 7:30PM – Peters