Kaitlyn Brennan’s Testimonial

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In October of 2010 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. From that moment on LA has taken on a role in my life that my words could never fully capture.

My yoga practice with LA has become in a way my therapy. Each class LA provides her students with the courage to gain serenity, acceptance, peace of mind, heart, body, and soul; things that so many of us are looking for.

LA’s passion for the practice of yoga, her sincere heart, appreciation of her students, and genuine consideration are undeniable and in my belief incomparable. My mat has become my place of peace it was LA who in the very beginning brought me there.

– Kaitlyn Brennan

Danielle King’s Testimonial

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My Mother and I always joke that I began my yoga practice while in gestation and then took a 25 year sabbatical. The sabbatical ended when I was on the hunt for a full body work-out that would challenge me and help quiet my way too active mind.

Though my first intention for yoga was fitness I found myself coming back time and time again. LA’s class became so much more than a routine for me. I eagerly looked forward to her class due to her calm nature, jokes, and ability to inspire me to push myself to my edge. She always believed in my practice more than I did and I am now starting to catch up.

LA taught me how to soar (literally) and I have carried her teachings from my mat into my life.

– Danielle King

Leah Brennan’s Testimonial

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What I love most about LA’s yoga classes is the joy she brings to the practice. No matter how I feel when I walk into her class, I always leave smiling. LA’s love and passion for yoga is contagious, and her presence can be both calming and energizing.

Because LA creates such a safe environment, I feel more comfortable challenging myself, and I am less tempted to pay attention to what other people around me are doing. LA has a rare gift, and she has changed my yoga practice for the better.

– Leah Brennan

Amy Pavshak’s Testimonial

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I practiced yoga on and off for several years, but a running injury had brought me back to my mat more regularly. Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I continued running and it was during this time that I met LA. We were both training for marathons and fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

I started taking her classes when I could, partly because I knew her but mostly because her classes were challenging and fun. In LA’s classes, I found it easier to be present on my mat and I found it easier to accept my abilities and limitations, and as someone who is not a natural athlete, I had a lot of those! Through LA’s teaching, I have gotten stronger inside and out, and she has given me the tools to go further into my practice both in the studio and at home.

– Amy Pavshak

Jared Knote’s Testimonial

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During my career on Wall Street, my yoga practice kept my mind calm and focused. However, a permanent injury had taken me off the mat for over a year. During that year, I moved to Pittsburgh to pursue a very demanding MBA. The constant pressures of study and job search had eroded my confidence and positive perspective. Apprehensive about my new physical limitations, I purposefully sought out yoga to restore my mind and soul. I thank LA for helping me get me back.

LA helped me transform my personal outlook through both the self-actualization developed through her intense, power yoga practice and non-violence she asks each student to give to himself as his practice patiently develops. She worked with my limitations, and helped me deepen my established practice through careful readjustment.

LA gives personal attention and very real care to students so all levels might perfect the postures. While she coaches each asana and leads students through a tremendous “workout,” More importantly, LA gifts her students with self-confidence and a “don’t take yourself so seriously” attitude that revitalizes and fosters a yoga practice that is really practice for life.

– Jared Knote

Johanna Taylor’s Testimonial

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LA Finfinger has been an inspirational teacher and a friend to me throughout my yoga practice. In my opinion, LA truly embraces the notion that yoga promotes overall health benefits, inner happiness, and a connection to the individuals that surround us.

Having practiced yoga for several years, I’ve found LA’s classes to be refreshing and often describe her style to others as a “continuous flow of challenging and relaxing movements.” She strives to tailor each class to students of various levels and is skilled at instructing basics, all levels, and music classes. I always leave her classes satisfied with my experience! Furthermore, while LA is a fantastic instructor, she is also a warm hearted, fun-loving individual that brightens every day. I’m extremely grateful to have met her!

– Johanna Taylor

Linda Lieu’s Testimonial

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You’ve changed the way I breathe!

My first yoga class was with you and I was scared and intimidated but you brought me out of my shell and rocked that class like only you can!

Here I am a year later with more clarity and a firmer ass all thanks to you and utkatasana. Don’t ever leave the yoga world but more importantly, don’t stop encouraging us with your passion!

– Linda Lieu