Glow Stick Meditation

By June 23, 2015 Home, Podcast, Writing

Eric Rosse said about Tori Amos – “Everyone goes through a phase where you want to be something you’re not.”

I’ve spent a larger portion of my life than I care to admit trying to be somebody else. It was no one specific. It was often “let me be anyone other than who I am”. It’s only within the last five years that I have begun to know who I am and not only accept it but also embrace it.

I have spent decades as a cynic. I have hidden for years in sarcasm and I have used it as a coping mechanism and a deflection. Being logical is, what I have told myself, adults do.

Slowly I’ve been shuffling off the sarcasm. It’s not easy and I definitely find my way back. More often than not, though, if I stay aware and in the joy of the moment, I can let sarcasm be. I can choose to be joyful. I can choose to be open. I can choose to embrace things that are light, silly, and not always logical.

I’ve been writing my first book of essays and meditations. I’ll be focusing on my book rather than my regular blog posts through the end of 2015. If I can’t find a publisher, I’ll self-publish it and promote it with some incredible yoga classes and events in and out of the country. (Friends in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Switzerland, and Denmark – I’ll be in touch!)

I’m going to offer a sample of one of the meditations from my book on how to let go of these traits that you have taken on as your own that are not actually you. I call it a “glow stick meditation” as a reminder that you have your own light. You don’t need to compare or compete. You are enough. You glow.



Glow Stick Meditation

This is one of my favorites. When you’re feeling blah or uninspired, try this exercise and see if you can raise your energy level! Put on an upbeat song. Don’t think about it too much, just play something fun!
Stand up! Interlace your fingers at the base of your spine. (If this is not comfortable, hold onto the ends of a small towel or tee shirt with each hand.)
As you press your palms together, imagine that you are snapping a glow stick and feel that opening across the front of your chest. Close your eyes and visualize that initial crack of the glow stick as the opening of your energy. Now just like we need to shake a glow stick to make the chemicals mix and glow – you need to get all of the light and energy glowing and moving all across your body!
Release the interlacing of your fingers and reach your arms into the sky. Close your eyes and quickly shake your wrists from side to side (as if you are quickly screwing and unscrewing a lightbulb).
At the same time turn your head from side to side (as if you are shaking your head to indicate no).
Bend your knees one at a time to transfer weight quickly from one foot to the other.
Continue for the duration of the song and as you move picture your body filling up with bright, neon light. Choose any color you like! Let this light grow stronger as it infuses your limbs. Try to picture every atom of every cell in your body growing and buzzing with light and energy. Continue buzzing and moving throughout the duration of the song!
When the song is finished, come back to stillness while standing and press your hands together at your heart. Continue to let that buzzing energy move around your body. Find deep breaths in and out through your nose (your mouth can be slightly open if you have any congestion). Let these breaths ground you as you remember that this electric glow stick energy is yours to tap into at any time!


*The author does not present any exercises on this site as a treatment for any medical condition.  Please consult your wellness professional before using this or any other exercise.