Johanna Taylor’s Testimonial

By January 24, 2011 October 19th, 2013 Testimonials

LA Finfinger has been an inspirational teacher and a friend to me throughout my yoga practice. In my opinion, LA truly embraces the notion that yoga promotes overall health benefits, inner happiness, and a connection to the individuals that surround us.

Having practiced yoga for several years, I’ve found LA’s classes to be refreshing and often describe her style to others as a “continuous flow of challenging and relaxing movements.” She strives to tailor each class to students of various levels and is skilled at instructing basics, all levels, and music classes. I always leave her classes satisfied with my experience! Furthermore, while LA is a fantastic instructor, she is also a warm hearted, fun-loving individual that brightens every day. I’m extremely grateful to have met her!

– Johanna Taylor